o/t: leisure reading during February 2019

Again, a moderate haul for the month; there was an abandonment in the mix as well. For much of February it seemed to me as if I were having somewhat mediocre luck with my selections but, looking back, that was a false impression: there were quite a few goodies and no real stinkers—nothing poor at all, in fact.

Without any real intention on my part, a color theme emerged during the month.

If it’s remotely of interest, the Rees, the Lethem, the Buchholz, the Hughes, the Piper and the McAlpine were the ones I enjoyed the most.

As usual, the links lead to the Goodreads postings of my notes, all of which were crossposted here.

10 thoughts on “o/t: leisure reading during February 2019

  1. Glad your reading didn’t leave you feeling blue. I bought the Buchholz. Sternbergh, MacAlpine and possible Adler-Olsen sit on the pile already.

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