Twelve Shorts for the Shortest Month #12: The Woman in the Room (2010)

US / 7½ minutes / color / Sleeping Dog Dir & Scr: Christen Kimbell Pr: Sean David Jenkins, Rich Brusatori, Christen Kimbell Cine: Scott Ballard Cast: Maren McGuire, Phillip M. Meyer

Despite the title, this isn’t based on the 1978 Stephen King story that has inspired a whole string of shorts including one that was previously covered on this site, The Woman in the Room (1983).

Peter (Meyer) wakes up in the morning after a one-night stand with Alexa (McGuire) to discover she’s having some kind of seizure. His first instinct is to bolt, but he thinks better of it and stays to help her get through the crisis. Could this be the start of something greater for them?

Maren McGuire as Alexa

My enjoyment of this movie was severely hampered by the difficulty I had in hearing chunks of the dialogue: the sound editing/engineering is not good. In other words, the reason the movie seemed rather pointless to me could feasibly have been because, despite my watching the movie twice over, the second time with the volume turned up and my ears straining toward the speakers, there was some crucially informative line that I was unable to discern in the midst of the aural swamp. Might it be that the scene we’re witnessing isn’t happening after a one-night stand after all but is a scene the couple enact every morning? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe if I’d had access to subtitles . . .

Phillip M. Meyer as Peter

A very nice track by the Oregon-based band El Flowious plays over the closing credits.

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