Tragica Notte (1942)

A tale of twisted love and vengeance!

vt Tragic Night
Italy / 81 minutes / bw / Scalera, Farrenia Pancro C.6 Dir: Mario Soldati Scr: M. Bonfantini, E. Cecchi, D. Cinelli, E. Giachino, L. De Caro, M. Soldati Story: La Trappola (1928) by Delfino Cinelli Cine: Massimo Terzano, Otello Martelli Cast: Dori Duranti (i.e., Doris Duranti), Carlo Ninchi, Andrea Checchi, Juan de Landa, Amelia Chellini, Adriano Rimoldi, Giulio Battiferri.

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In open country near the remote mountain town of Monticiano, a band of masked men lure the gamekeeper Stefano (Ninchi) into an ambush and beat him unconscious. During the struggle, Stefano is able to wrench a button off the jacket of one of his attackers so that later he’s able to identify the man as Nanni (Checchi), owner of the local trattoria. It’s not surprising that Nanni should have been seeking revenge: Although the regional bigwig, Count Paolo Martorelli (Rimoldi), has no particular objections to the activities of poachers on his land—in fact, in their youth he and Nanni habitually went poaching together, to the ire of Paolo’s father—the overzealous Stefano caught Nanni a while back and got him sent to jail for a couple of months. The fact that the spell in jail came almost immediately after Nanni’s marriage to his beloved wife Armida (Duranti) naturally increased Nanni’s bitterness.

Tragica Notte - 1 Nanni lies in wait

Nanni (Andrea Checchi) lies in wait for his foe.

Yet Stefano doesn’t publicly denounce Nanni for having thrashed him—quite the opposite, he covers up the crime, pretending that Continue reading