Pokrajina Št.2 (2008)

vt Landscape #2
Slovenia / 91 minutes / color / Forum Ljubljana, Delirium, TV Slovenija, VPK Dir & Scr: Vinko Möderndorfer Pr: Eva Rohrman Cine: Dušan Joksimovic Cast: Marko Mandic, Slobodan Custic, Barbara Cerar, Maja Martina Merljak, Janez Hocevar, Jaka Lah, Janez Škof, Peter Musevski, Slavko Cerjak, Štefka Drolc, Nataša Ninkovic, Domen Šneberger.

Pokrajina - 0 opener

Outwardly the genial Polde (Hocevar) and his feckless assistant Sergej (Mandic) run a little repair shop; in fact Polde’s a professional burglar and Sergej is his relatively recent apprentice. Polde gets the information for his burglaries from his blabbermouth neighbor Ruzica (Ninkovic), who works as a domestic cleaner. The latest target of the two burglars is the home of a General (Škof) who made his pile during the Communist era and is now living in retirement on the spoils. All Polde plans to steal is a painting, Landscape #2, which he intends to offer back to the General for ransom.

Pokrajina - 2 Landscape #2

The painting that everyone wants.

Behind where the picture hangs, however, Sergej discovers a safe. Impulsively he Continue reading