Fièvre Monte à El Pao, La (1959)

vt Republic of Sin; vt Fever Rises in El Pao; vt Fever Mounts at El Pao
France / 97 minutes (French cut, the one discussed here), 109 minutes (Mexican cut) / bw / Groupe des Quatre, Cinematográfica Fimex, C.I.C.C., Corona Dir: Luis Buñuel Pr: Raymond Borderie Scr: Luis Buñuel, Luis Alcoriza, Charles Dorat, Louis Sapin Story: La Fièvre Monte à El Pao (1955) by Henri Castillou Cine: Gabriel Figueroa Cast: Gérard Philipe, María Félix, Jean Servais, Raoul Dantes, M.A. Ferriz, Domingo Soler, Víctor Junco, Roberto Canedo, Andrés Soler, Augusto Benedico, Luis Aceves Castañeda, Pilar Pellicer.

Republic of Sin - 0 opener

Ojeda, a smallish island state in the Atlantic some two hours by plane from the American mainland—so presumably somewhere in the Caribbean—is a military dictatorship ruled by President General Carlos Barreiro (Andrés Soler). The nation’s capital, El Pao, is a mixture of pitiful slums and luxury homes with, just outside it, a prison camp where 2,000 inmates, of whom 500 are political, are forced to submit to hard labor in the blistering tropical sun—otherwise they can be subjected to Continue reading