Casa del Ángel, La (1957)

An adolescent crush leads to disaster!

vt The House of the Angel
Argentina / 73 minutes / bw / Argentina Sono Film SACI Dir: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Scr: Beatriz Guido, Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Martín Rodríguez M. Story: La Casa del Ángel (1954) by Beatriz Guido Cine: Aníbal González Paz Cast: Elsa Daniel, Lautaro Murúa, Berta Ortegosa, Bárbara Mújica, Yordana Fain, Alejandro Rey, Eduardo Naveda, Lili Gacel, Alicia Bellan, Paquita Vehil, Elvira Moreno, Nora Massi, Guillermo Battaglia.

Casa del Angel - 0 opener

An unmarried woman, Ana (Daniel), serves at the table as her father, Dr. Castro (Battaglia), entertains the guest who comes for dinner every Friday evening, Pablo Aguirre (Murúa). There’s a tremendous tension between Ana and Aguirre, and we sense she nurtures a great but unspoken passion for him. We guess wrong, as we discover when she recounts her story of events years ago, when she was but a girl of 14 . . .

Ana was the youngest of the three Castro children Continue reading