o/t: Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts charity anthology

Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts is a charity anthology of original short (in fact, short-short) stories, from humorous to dark, of love that goes ‘orribly wrong; it’s being published on Valentine’s Day by the Australian press Things in the Well. All profits from the anthology will go to the disaster relief effort connected with the devastating recent Australian bush fires.

I’m proud to say that one of my own humble efforts is to be included in the anthology.

Submissions are not quite closed for the anthology but the editors, Louise Zedda-Sampson and Chris Mason, have given permission for people to post the Table of Contents as it looks so far:

Erik Hofstatter: “Tender Whisper on a Crimson Tongue”
Kurt Newton: “Honeymoon Lodge”, “Bloom”, “The Rose Room”
Susan Snyder: “When He Comes”
Janis Butler Holm: “Abduction Again”
Russell Hemmel: “Orchid, Squirrel, White Hot Star”, “Lover Song, Mantis Instinct”
Joshua Strnad: “A Receipt”
William Falo: “Broken Crows”
Bruce Meyer: “Invisible Boy”
Miguela Considine: “Oldstones”
Lynne Lumsden Green: “Smoke Signals”
Kevin David Anderson: “Damaged”
Liam Hogan: “A Ballet of Blood and Flames”
Kevin J. Kennedy: “Edible Panties”
Matthew R. Davis: “The Ballad of Elvis O’Malley”
Alyson Faye: “Fallen Angel”
Sara Tantlinger: “Fermented Fatalities”, “Incisions”, “Or Something”, “Polluted”
E.E. King: “DNA”
James S. Dorr: “A Saint Valentine’s Day Tale”
Ronnie Smart: “Doris”
A J Collins: “Valentine’s Volunteer”
Josh Dygert: “King Cupie”
Anthony Ferguson: “One from the Heart”
John Grant: “The Music of the Heart”
Sarah Doebereiner: “Melody in the Dark”
Steve Dillon: “Cleaning up the Act”

As I said, the book’s to be published on Valentine’s Day. However, you can already place pre-orders for the Kindle edition, which is cheap enough that you might want to think of buying copies for your significant other(s) as well as for yourself. Your mum might like a copy too!

Here are the relevant Kindle LINKS:


The book has a Facebook page where you can find out more and keep up with any breaking news. If you’re on Facebook, do please Like the page; similarly, please feel free to Reblog and Twitterpate this page here. The more the news is spread and the more money the anthology earns for disaster relief, the better, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

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