Dark Summer (2000)

vt Innocents
US, Germany, Canada / 92 minutes / color / Cinerenta, Cineinnocent, Credo, Adagio Dir & Scr: Gregory Marquette Pr: Terry Carr, Gail Tilson Cine: Bruce Worrall Cast: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Connie Nielsen, Mia Kirshner, Keith David, Joseph Culp, James Quill, Robert Culp, Anne Archer, Frank Langella, Trae Thomas, Charles Knecht, Kent Allen, Jack Semple.

Dark Summer - 0 opener

Parisian cellist Gerard Huxley (Anglade), in the US to teach at the Juillard School in NYC, is driving cross-country when he’s forced off the road and into a cornfield. The next he knows he’s in hospital being tended by pretty nurse Megan Denright (Nielsen). On his discharge, she invites him back to her remote home for dinner before he continues his journey to Seattle. He meets her younger (and very much shorter) sister Dominique (Kirshner), who’s obviously somewhat eccentric, and their bedridden father Robert (Langella), who gives him a dismissive criticism of his cello-playing.

Dark Summer - 1 Langella as the bedridden father

Robert (Frank Langella) minces no words in his critique of Gerard’s cello playing.

Soon afterward, Gerard learns that Robert has died. After the funeral, he again goes back to the Denright home, this time sleeping with Continue reading