Wenn es Nacht Wird auf der Reeperbahn (1967)

vt When Night Falls on the Reeperbahn; vt Trip with the Devil; vt Uneasy Summer

WG / 96 minutes / color / Constantin Dir & Scr: Rolf Olsen Pr: Heinz Willeg Cine: Franz X. Lederle Cast: Erik Schumann, Fritz Wepper, Marianne Hoffmann, Jürgen Draeger, Konrad Georg, Marlis Draeger, Tanja Gruber, Willi Rose, Gabriele Sharon, Fritz Schütter, Heinz Reincke, Herbert Tiede, Karl Lieffen, Rudolf Schündler, Brigitte Schacht, Frank Nossack, Fanny Herrera, Günter Lüdke, Dieter Wagner, Erni Mangold.

Set in Hamburg, an unabashed exploitationer. Staggering through the streets as if drunk, her clothes partly torn from her, Eva Falsacher (uncredited) is the victim of a hit-and-run accident, the driver being the supposedly respectable businessman Hans Henningsen (Schündler). He has just been with harlot Wanda (Mangold), who has stolen his wallet; her pimp, Uwe Wagenknecht (Reincke) uses the wallet to blackmail Henningsen.

Meanwhile, maverick investigative journalist Danny Sonntag (Schumann), despite the contrary instructions of his editor, Manfred Nagel (Wagner), is probing the city’s rash of LSD-related crimes. One night he’s ambushed by a group of stocking-masked thugs who make it clear they’re beating him up because of the articles he’s been publishing about their enterprises. By coincidence, he’s discovered and rescued by Uwe and Wanda. (The next day he can barely walk, and his face is a mass of bandages. A couple of days later there’s nary a scab left. They heal fast, these journalists.)

Wenn es Nacht wird auf der Reeperbahn - Danny interviews his contact Mumps

Danny (Erik Schumann)  interviews his contact Mumps (Willi Rose) at Mumps’s workplace.

It doesn’t take too long for Danny and ourselves to learn that, led by the sociopathic Feuer-Hotte (Jürgen Draeger), the sons of some of Hamburg’s business and social leaders are Continue reading