Anna-Liisa (1922)

Finland / 49 minutes / bw silent / Suomi-Filmi Dir: Teuvo Puro, Jussi Snellman Pr: Erkki Karu Scr: Jussi Snellman Story: Anna Liisa (1895 play) by Minna Canth Cine: Kurt Jäger, A.J. Tenhovaara Cast: Helmi Lindelöf, Emil Autere, Einar Rinne, Mimmi Lähteenoja, Hemmo Kallio, Meri Roini, Greta Waahtera, Axel Ahlberg, Tauno Ensio Järvinen.

A silent melodrama that could be seen, I suppose, as holding some ancestral place in the family tree of Finnish film noir, at least thematically: because of an old and hushed-up crime, the protagonist is cast into an archetypal noir abyss of inescapable guilt . . .

Anna-Liisa - 1 Anna-Liisa is only too willingly seduced by Mikko

Anna-Liisa (Helmi Lindelöf) is only too willingly seduced by Mikko (Einar Rinne).

In a remote part of Finland, Anna-Liisa Kortesuo (Lindelöf) is planning to marry Johannes Kivimaa (Autere), the somewhat milksop employee of her jovial father (Kallio). But Anna-Liisa has a secret. Years ago she dallied with farm laborer Mikko (Rinne). When he went off to seek his fortune, she Continue reading