Dødes Tjern, De (1958)

vt Lake of the Dead; vt The Lake of the Damned
Norway / 74 minutes / bw / Norsk Dir: Kåre Bergstrøm Scr: Kåre Bergstrøm, André Bjerke, Henki Kolstad Story: De Dødes Tjern (1942) by Bernhard Borge (i.e., André Bjerke) Cine: Ragnar Sorensen Cast: Erling Lindahl, Bjørg Engh, Henny Moan, André Bjerke, Per Lillo Stenberg, Øyvind Øyen, Georg Richter, Leif Sommerstad, Inger Teien, Henki Kolstad.

Dodes Tjern - 0 opener

Mystery writer Bernhard Borge (Kolstad) has just finished his latest novel, and starts reading it to his wife Sonja (Engh). The rest of the movie is the story of that novel . . . or is it a recollection of an experience they shared?

Bernhard and Sonja go on a train with a party of friends to visit the cabin where Bjørn Werner (Stenberg), twin brother of one of the party, artist Liljan Werner (Moan), is staying. Liljan is worried for her brother, because he’s been incommunicado for a week or two; besides, the pair are so close they can each sense whenever the other’s in danger, and that’s what she’s sensing now. Also among the party are Sonja’s psychoanalyst, Kai Bugge (Lindahl), her fiancé, Harald Gran (Richter), and the sardonic literary critic Gabriel Mørk (Bjerke).

Dodes Tjern - 1 Liljan in her studio

Liljan (Henny Moan) in her studio.

On arrival, they’re met at the station by local cop Bråten (Øyen), who guides them to the cabin. They find it deserted, but assume Bjørn must be out shooting. As they wait, Bråten recounts to them the local legend concerning a ghost who haunts these Continue reading