o/t: The Fourth Messenger

The Fourth Messenger, featuring Vienna Teng cover art


For some years one of my favorite songwriters has been Vienna Teng: she’s released good album after good album, and her Inland Territory is, I’d suggest, one of THE great albums. I’ve just discovered that she’s written/cowritten a musical, The Fourth Messenger, based on the life the Buddha might have had he been female and born into the modern age.

Natch, I’d quite a lot like to see this. Meanwhile I’m much enjoying listening to it here.

The musical is a mixture of classic Vienna songsmithery plus all kinds of stuff she hasn’t done before. It’s wonderful when an artist keeps working to develop

10 thoughts on “o/t: The Fourth Messenger

    • Hope you enjoy it, Ben. Vienna is, I think, one of the great musical talents currently working. We saw her gig a few years ago with the equally remarkable Alex Wong, and it was a knockout night.

      This effort reminds me a bit of the String Band’s U, not because there’s any musical similarity (there isn’t) but because I reckon a lot of Vienna fans aren’t going to like it on first listen then realize a few years later quite how splendid it is.

    • I’m a big Teng fan. A few years ago a bunch of us old crumblies went to see her gig locally. Afterwards we queued around to get CDs, etc., and as luck would have it, were the last to do so. In fact, “luck” was the right word, because, everyone else having buggered off, we ended up chatting for quite a while to Vienna, Alex Wong and a superb cellist whose name alas (my shame) I can’t now remember. A friendlier bunch of people it’s hard to think of.

      Anyway, glad to hear you like her stuff too!

      Hmf. Growl. Hmf. 😦 How did you hear it was my birthday? This is a closely guarded secret known only to me to me, the Illuminati and, I’d assume, the guy I predicted might show up to my Spooky Science and who indeed did so. “I’ll never laugh at your paranoia again,” said Pam.)

      • And I see the Thursday Overlooked A/V was full of Blogspot’s too-easy link-colonization. Corrected as I come across it and reposted, as I’m also most of the way through today’s less delayed and virus?-addled list…

  1. John, thank you so much for this! I just listed to “As Long As I am Living” and was very taken by it. As you know I am a musical fanatic, so I will investigate further, but I’ll have to buy the CD. It is extraordinary!!! Really beautiful.

    Happy Birthday my friend!!!

    • Give it a play first, Sam! (Hm, that sounds like a sort of skewed movie quote, doesn’t it? :)) I don’t normally like musicals, but I like this. Pam has been closely involved with various Broadway musicals and loves the genre, but isn’t too keen on this one. So be careful!

        • John, I love all kinds of music

          I know you do, Sam! I was just worried you might expect one thing and get another, so was advising you to give the stream a quick listen before shelling out your hard-earned bucks on a CD!

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