o/t: the return of Todd Mason’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V – the links to the reviews and more

A real bumper batch o’ the good stuff here as Todd surfaces after a short hiatus. Click


to be magically transported to Todd’s fab Sweet Freedom blog and all the individual links.

Anne Billson: Hugh Grant; chapter titles in movies; photographers in movies

Anonymous: Commissar; Still Mine; Intolerance; Ordet

Bhob Stewart: “Beat Memories: The Photography of Allen Ginsberg”; the Firesign Theater; World’s Fairs; Stan Freberg on The Dick Cavett Show

The Big Broadcast: 17 April 2016
07:00p Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
12/04/61 #717 The Earned Income Matter (CBS) (23:22)
07:30p Dragnet
08/03/54 #259 Big Stand (NBC) (23:56)
08:00p Gunsmoke
05/28/55 #163 Cow Doctor (CBS) (24:24)
08:30p Molle Mystery Theater
10/12/45 A Death is Caused (NBC) (24:30)
09:00p The Halls of Ivy
04/14/50 #15 Mrs. Foster’s Lost Dog (Schlitz Beer) (NBC) (28:26)
09:30p Mysterious Traveler
06/08/48 #157 Murder is My Business (Sus.) (MBS) (29:42)
10:00p Mercury Theater
07/18/38 #02 Treasure island (Sus.) (CBS) (60:00)
Bill Crider: Little Miss Sunshine [trailer]; Three Coins in the Fountain [trailer]; The Three Musketeers (1993 film) [trailer]; The Librarian: Quest for the Spear [trailer]; Troy [trailer]; Send Me No Flowers [trailer]; Flash Gordon (1980 film) [trailer]; Stakeout [trailer]; Katherine Anne Porter

B.V. Lawson: Media Murder

Colin McGulgan: Panhandle; War Paint; Riding Shotgun; Lawman; Firecreek

Comedy Film Nerds: David Huntsberger; C. J. Johnson; Is there anything good about Batman v Superman?; Dave Waite

Cynthia Fuchs: Criminal; Green Room; Counting; Demolition

Dan Stumpf: Midnight at Madam Tussaud’s; House of 1000 Dolls

David Vineyard: Wyoming; The Hills Run Red

Dorian Bartolucci: My Favorite Brunette

Elgin Bleeker: Mikey and Nicky; Joy House; The Strawberry Blonde; Gentleman Jim; The Bowery; Alan Clarke, director

Elizabeth Foxwell: Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It; Startime: “The Turn of the Screw”; Julian Symons: “The Mystique of the Detective Story”; M. Pamplemousse; The 20th Century Hour: “Laura”; Story Parade: “The Caves of Steel”; The Ghost Breakers; Four Star Playhouse: “Detective’s Holiday”; The Unguarded Hour

Evan Lewis: Kiss Me Deadly; Fallen Angels: “Dead End for Delia”; Perfect Crimes: “A Dime a Dance”

Gary Deane: Mr. District Attorney

George Kelley: The Night Manager; Superman, Batman: Public Enemies; Hello, My Name is Doris; Beautiful: The Carole King Musical; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot; A Simple Twist of Fate

“Gilligan Newton-John”: Wonder Woman: “Mind Stealers from Outer Space (Part 1)”; Circus of Horrors; La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo; Dr. Sex

How Did This Get Made?: Teen Witch; The Covenant; Bloodsport; The Quest; Can’t Stop the Music

Iba Dawson: Tribeca 2016

Ivan B. Shreve, Jr.: After the Thin Man; The Thin Man tv series on GetTV; The Adventures of the Falcon; George Stevens (and related) short films at Universal; Let George Do It; San Diego I Love You; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; The Couple Next Door; M (1951 film)

Jack Seabrook: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: “Together”; “The Deadly”; “The Diplomatic Corpse”; “Silent Witness”

Jackie Kashian: Jamie Flam on the Beatles; Kara Klenk on summer camps; Cathy Ladman; Heather Wood on anime, The NeverEnding Story and professional clowning; Barbara Holm on Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Sovereign Syre on Spanish-American history and more; TJ Chambers on chess and Chess: the Musical; Jeff May on comics art and more; Jim Stewart Allen on The Oregon Trail and other computer games

Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Letters in old movies; movie buffs in and around films; Patty Duke; Kay Noske on film style and fashion; The New Loretta Young Show

James Reasoner: Crank 2: High Voltage; Crank; The Great McGinty; Bone Tomahawk; Defiance; His Brother’s Ghost; Billy the Kid’s Gun Justice

Janet Varney: The JV Club

Jerry House: The Echo Murders; TED Talks: Maz Jobrani; Suspense: “Donovan’s Brain” (radio); White Pongo; Dimension X: “Almost Human”; Alfred Hitchcock Presents: “The Sorceror’s Apprentice”; TED Talks: Michael Shermer on odd belief; Suspense: “The Signalman” (1959 radio); Samay; Agatha Christie’s Thirteen at Dinner; The President’s Mystery; Frontier Gentleman: “The Honkytonkers”; Sherlock Holmes’s Fatal Hour; Have Gun, Will Travel: “Killer’s Widow” (radio); Jitterbugs; Our Miss Brooks: “Boynton the Gigolo” (radio)

John Grant: Blind; All That I Have; Lover’s Leap; Unholy Love; A Touch of Larceny; Escort for Hire; Bad Girl; Dirty Little Secret; The Violent Years; L’accident; X Marks the Spot; The Wall Street Mystery; Two Wives at One Wedding; Trap for Cinderella; A Strange Adventure; Stolen Identity; Red Wind

Jonathan Lewis: Secret of the Incas; A Man Alone; The Redhead from Wyoming; The Devil’s Men; Skyscraper Souls; The Golden Arrow; Sirocco; Fort Apache, the Bronx; Man of the World

Juri Nummelin: Mikey and Nicky; Jesuit Joe

Karen Hannsberry: Sunset Boulevard; Arthur Kennedy; A Farewell to Arms; Clarence Muse; The Purchase Price; Jean Harlow

Ken Levine: Little Big Shots; Doris Roberts; Ron Jacobs; Pilot season

Kliph Nesteroff: Both Sides Now with Mort Sahl and George Putnam; TJ’s (pilot for a music series hosted by Sal Mineo, with Phil Spector and guests the Dave Clark Five)

Kristina Dijan: Scott Brady: Canon City; Port of New York; They Were So Young; Alan Ladd: And Now Tomorrow; Botany Bay; Guns of the Timberland; The Chase (1946 film); TCM Classic Film Festival; Beyond the Cover: Books into Films; The Valley of Gwangi; Experiment in Terror; March film diary

Laura G: Petersen Automotive Museum; Flesh and Fantasy; Destiny (1944 film); All My Sons; Bitter Stems; Noir City Festival; 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival; “Independent Stardom on Screen: Freelance Women in Hollywood”; Trailin’ West; Blind Alibi; The Kansan

Lucy Brown: The Informer (1935 film)

Martin Edwards: Complicity

Marty McKee: They Came from the Swamp: The Films of William Grefe

Michael Shonk: Not for Hire

Mildred Perkins: Kinky Boots

Mitchell Hadley: Live television drama

Patricia Nolan-Hall: Full of Life

Patti Abbott: Heavenly Creatures; movie star crushes

Paul Brazill: Perrier’s Bounty

Prashant Trikannad: Top Gun 2

Rick: The Deadly Bees

Robert/Television Obscurities: The Nielsen Bottom Ten, 5-11 October 1987

Rod Lott: River of Death

“Rupert Pupkin”: Dangerous Men

Ruth Kerr: The Far Country

Sam Juliano: Memories of a Penitent Heart

Sanford Allen: The Witch

Scott Cupp: Watership Down; Cloverfield; The Enchanted Cottage; Fast Company; The Giant Behemoth; Green Mansions

Sergio Angelini: Hitchcock’s films, a poll

Stacia Jones: Not So Dumb

Steve Lewis: Brenner: “False Witness”; The Mad Magician; The Reporter: “Extension Seven”; The Killer is Loose; The Mystery of Mr. X; The Hour of Thirteen; Black Orchid; Spenser: For Hire: “Promised Land”; From Headquarters

Todd Mason: what you could watch or hear on the night of 9 January 1957; 1970s and ’80s original radio drama and related comedy on US radio.

Vienna: Producers Releasing Corporation

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