o/t: Detectives and Dames

I’ve been asked by the kindly folk at Flicker Alley if I’d like to take part in this blogathon, and I’m very much leaning toward agreement, despite having too much on my plate already.

It’s to promote their May 10 release on Blu-ray and DVD of restored versions of those great noir classics, Too Late for Tears (1949) and Woman on the Run (1950). It’s the fact that these are two favorites of mine that makes the participation so tempting!


7 thoughts on “o/t: Detectives and Dames

    • Gawd knows when I’m going to be able to get to it, though! I have a short story I promised to an anthology that I’ve not even started yet, plus the edits are going through for Eureka! — oh, gibber.

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