reblog: Linda Darnell in No Way Out: Anti-Damsel Blogathon

oooThe anti-Damsel Blogathon has produced numerous fine essays, but this is among those that really stand out. Many thanks to BNoirDetour for permission to reblog.

B Noir Detour

anti-damsel-bannerNoir is full of strong, independent women. Many, of course, live on the wrong side of the law and lure men in to carry out their dastardly deeds. They’re tough, sexy, and doomed. Thus, in classic Hollywood cinema, the femme fatale of film noir is the most plentiful source fromwhich to snag a character to study for Movies Silently and The Last Drive-in‘s “Anti-Damsel” Blogathon (details and roster of participantshere).

But that’s too easy. If you enjoy noir, you already know all about these dames, from Barbara Stanwyck’s icy Phyllis Dietrichson in Double Indemnity(1944) to Jennifer Tilly’s treacherous Violet in (neo-)noir homageBound (1995).


To go another route, I beganwith the blogathon hosts’ declaration: “We want bold, brave, smart women who made their mark in all walks of life.”The final phrase — “in all walks of life” — got me thinking about Linda Darnell’s pivotal…

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