Star (2001)

vt The Hire: Star
US / 9 minutes / color / Anonymous Content, BMW Films Dir: Guy Ritchie Pr: Aristides McGarry, Robyn Boardman Scr: Guy Ritchie, Joe Sweet Concept: Fallon Cine: Chris Soos Cast: Clive Owen, Michael Beattie, Toru Tanaka Jr., Madonna, DTeflon, Troy Aguayo, Christie McNew, Woon Young Park.

This was #4 in a series of short movies made by Anonymous Content for BMW, designed for internet consumption. All the movies starred Clive Owen as Driver, a man who rented himself and his BMW out to various clients. The movies had distinguished casts and equally distinguished directors:

  • Ambush (2001) dir John Frankenheimer
  • Chosen (2001) dir Ang Lee
  • The Follow (2001) dir Wong Kar-wai
  • Star (2001) dir Guy Ritchie
  • Powder Keg (2001) dir Alejandro González Iñárritu
  • Hostage (2002) dir John Woo
  • Ticker (2002) dir Joe Carnahan
  • Beat the Devil (2002) dir Tony Scott

You can find a short “Making of” movie here and an ancillary piece, “Driving Techniques,” about the stunts, here.

Clive Owen as Driver

A pendant to the series came a decade and a half later with Continue reading