Painted Lady, The (1912)

US / 13 minutes / bw silent / Biograph Dir & Scr: D.W. Griffith Cine: G.W. Bitzer Cast: Blanche Sweet, Madge Kirby, Charles Hill Mailes, Kate Bruce, Joseph Graybill, William J. Butler.

A strict father (Mailes) sternly instructs his submissive elder daughter (Sweet) not to use makeup, like trollops do, and the girl meekly obeys. Her younger sister (Kirby), by contrast, has a sort of to-hell-with-Papa attitude and splashes the stuff on merrily: “Oh, you must paint and powder to be attractive!”

Painted Lady - 1 Younger sis left advises older to use makeup

The younger sister (Madge Kirby, right) advises her elder sibling (Blanche Sweet) on the wisdom of face-paint.

And it would seem she’s right, because at the Ice Cream Festival all the men gather eagerly round the vivacious younger girl and pay little heed to her mousy elder sister. Here, of course, Griffith was playing a game with us, for Sweet was Continue reading