Plurality (2012)

US / 14 minutes / color / Traffik Dir: Dennis Liu Pr: Jonathan Hsu, Dennis Liu Scr: Ryan Condal Cine: Jon Chen Cast: Jeff Nissani, Samantha Strelitz, John Di Domenico, Wesli Spencer, Janice Marie, Scott Wallace Jr., Leah Goldman

A striking piece of science fiction neonoir, set in near-future New York City. For a couple of years now the Bentham Grid has been in place:

“The Grid takes all those things unique to you—your Social Security number, your passport, your debit and credit accounts—and links them to one thing: your DNA.”

It’s an absolute boon to the public, because no longer do you need to carry credit cards or car keys: a gentle touch will enable the Grid to take a tiny sample of your DNA, thereby identifying you with almost complete accuracy.

Samantha Strelitz as Alana Winston

Jeff Nissani as Jacob Foucault

And the Grid is a boon to law enforcement, too. There’s less crime in NYC today, Mayor Reid (Marie) boasts in an interview with journalist Alana Winston (Strelitz), than there is in Continue reading