Last Call (2012)

US / 24 minutes / color / Broken Box Dir: Jim Chaliz Scr: Stephen Herman, David Chin Cine: Bill Saxelby (or Saxleby, in closing credits) Cast: Anna Konkle, Christopher Schram, Joe Maloney, Maria Bardina, David Chin, Sophia Nelson.

Professional woman Kristin (Konkle) is phoned late one night by a man (Schram), identifying himself only as “3D,” who demands her help because he plans to commit suicide within the next half-hour or so. When she declares herself unable to help a complete stranger by telephone in these circumstances, he becomes increasingly aggressive toward her, portraying her as inadequate and implying that it’ll be because of her inadequacy that he dies.

Anna Konkle as Kristin

Finally he presents her with a riddle concerning two passengers in an elevator, telling her that if she can solve it she’ll have a key to saving his life. She offers two valid solutions to the riddle, of which he accepts the second, but still she can’t Continue reading