Twelve Shorts for the Shortest Month #5: No Chaser (2010)

US / 22 minutes / color plus some sepia / Raw Canvas, True Films, Creative Words & Pictures Dir & Pr & Scr: Mark H. Howard Cine: Robert McEwen Cast: B.D. Mason, Darren Jones, Giovanni Pauletti, Aiesha Dukes, Dwayne Branch, Bill Merker, Vince Sartini, Rhonda Marie Bynum, Mark H. Howard, Ace Funches, Tre’

B.D. Mason as Junior (left) and Darren Jones as Stan

An ambitiously and by and large superbly made short movie whose narrative, with its constantly chopping and changing chronology, might seem confusing to the point of obtuseness were it not for the qualifier displayed during the opening credits:

“Nearly a month ago, after searching the internet, Zach Tucker, Jr., started having a recurring dream about something that happened . . .”

Zach Tucker Sr. (Branch) seems to have been a legend of the Chicago underworld, but he died (we’re not told how) many years ago. Ever since, Zach Tucker Jr. (Mason)—known almost universally as simply “Junior”—has been living in the shadow of his father’s reputation. Meanwhile other gangsters, like Continue reading