I Accuse (2003)

Canada / 86 minutes / color / Cinetel, Rampage, Accusatory, Movie Network, Super Ecran, Movie Central, First Look Dir: John Ketcham Pr: Gavin Wilding, John Ketcham, Mark Reid Scr: Matt DeJong, Charles Wilkinson Cine: Mark Dobrescu Cast: Estella Warren, John Hannah, John Kapelos, Alan Bratt, Tom Butler, Aaron Pearl, Tim Henry, Andrea Menard, Brad Grass, Madison Dewalt, R. James Anderson, Lindi Lee, Troy Skog, Chris Scott, Trevor Roberts, Katherine Bracht, Cavan Cunningham, Amy Matysio, Judith Maxie

A surprisingly interesting movie based loosely on the case of John Schneeberger, a Rhodesian-born Canadian doctor who was convicted in the late 1990s of multiple instances of rape, including of his own stepdaughter.The case was complicated by his devising a means of confounding DNA tests through implanting a Penrose drain filled with someone else’s blood in his own arm, and persuading nurses to pull the blood from that rather than his vein. Before I checked out the background of the movie I made a note about the mechanism of this cunning plan: “TOTALLY IMPLAUSIBLE!” Turns out I was wrong.

After an altercation with cheating scumbag boyfriend Billy (Pearl), in which she badly cut her hand, student nurse Kimberly “Kimmy”/”Kim” Jansen (Warren) goes to Continue reading