Chosen Season 2 (2013 TVM)

vt CH:OS:EN Season 2

US / ~130 minutes (6 episodes of 21–23 minutes) / color / Dissident, DiVide, Lifeboat, Sony Dir: Ben Ketai Pr: Amy Kim Scr: Evan Charnov, Ben Ketai Story: Ben Ketai, Ryan Lewis Cine: Tim Burton Cast: Chad Michael Murray, Sarah Roemer, Nicky Whelan, Caitlin Carmichael, Joey Luthman, Milo Ventimiglia, Brandon Routh, Evan Arnold, Brett Davern, Joey Kern, Shaun Baker, Cody Williams, Kyle Mattocks.

Chosen 2 - 2 Morning with Max

Morning at Max’s — how the other half lives.

The second Chosen story has the same premise as the first, about which I posted in September. Thanks to modern surveillance technology, a pervasive group of secret masters, The Watchers, is able to force us lesser mortals to play a lethal game. An individual will receive a box containing some meaningless clockwork (a reminder of the passage of time?), a handgun and a photograph. The recipient of this package must kill the person shown in the photograph and named in its caption within 72 hours or the recipient’s loved ones will be slaughtered. And, of course, there are other “hunters” who’ve been given the task of killing the recipient, themselves operating under the same rules. In the first series we followed the fate of the Mitchell family—Ian (Ventimiglia), Laura (Whelan) and their young daughter Ellie (Carmichael)—and they form the secondary of the two plot strands contained in Season 2.

As with the first season, the six episodes of this serial were released almost simultaneously; as they form a cohesive whole, I’ve elected to treat this as if it were a single movie—which is presumably how it’ll be viewed when the DVD comes along. At the moment it can be watched on Sony’s Crackle site. I couldn’t get the player there to work with my Firefox browser and, although Internet Explorer got the damn’ thing to play, I still had all sorts of issues—such as “Pause” working only sometimes. Since either the player or Internet Explorer or the combination of both devoured resources, making everything else on the computer add new layers of meaning to the word “sluggish,” by the time I got to the end of Episode 6 I was . . . well, put it this way, any positive benefits of the extensive product placements in the movie for Sony gadgetry had been comprehensively nullified.

The six episodes are titled thus:

  1.  Second Chances
  2.  Heroes and Villains
  3. Right At Your Door
  4. Killers
  5. Collision Course
  6. Protect Your Own

As hinted above, there are two plot strands which play in parallel before coming together for an ending that clearly presages the making of a Season 3 somewhere down the line.

Chosen 2 - 5

Avery (Sarah Roemer).

The main story concerns Jacob Orr (Murray), a trained engineer who, because of his pride, is currently working as a Los Angeles bartender. He’s just about ready to leave a party at the home of his old friend Max Gregory (Routh), an immensely wealthy surveillance-equipment manufacturer, when he’s befriended by attractive hospital physician Dr. Avery Sharp (Roemer); she gives him her phone number and he promises to call. As he drives home he discovers his car contains one of The Watchers’ boxes. When he stops the car at a supermarket parking lot, a man (Arnold) appears with a gun, weeping with apologies as he tries to kill him. Just then another man with a gun Continue reading