The Uninvited Ghost (2010)

US, Canada / 18 minutes / color / Echo North Dir, Scr: Heather Schmidt, Birgit U.E. Doll Pr: Heather Schmidt Cine: Gabriele Kislat Cast: Bob Bancroft, Clare Salstrom, Emory Murchison.

A completely charming short that almost certainly doesn’t belong here but that I liked so much I persuaded myself had earned its place as a little FREEEEEE bonus extra. So sue me.

Reclusive Vladimir MacGregor (Bancroft), terrified of leaving the house and it seems also terrified of the music he used to love during his high-profile career as a concert pianist, discovers his home has been invaded by a beautiful young woman—or, more accurately, a beautiful young female ghost, Wanda Westfield (Salstrom). Aghast at the intrusion—she’s even there with the towel when he steps naked from his shower, oh lawks!—he goes to the length of ordering a spray can of ghost repellent online.

Clare Salstrom as Wanda.

It doesn’t work. Nothing does until Continue reading