Twelve Shorts for the Shortest Month #4: The Woman in the Room (1983)

US / 30 minutes / color / Gregory Melton Dir & Scr: Frank Darabont Pr: Gregory Melton, Frank Darabont Story: “The Woman in the Room” (1978 Night Shift) by Stephen King Cine: Juan Ruiz Anchia Cast: Michael Cornelison, Dee Croxton, Brian Libby, Bob Brunson, George Russell

John (Cornelison), a lawyer and loving son, is being torn apart by the plight of his mother (Croxton): in the final stages of terminal cancer, she’s been given a cordotomy to relieve the agony, but the pain still persists. John knows an overdose of her old painkillers would put her over the edge into merciful oblivion, but can he really contemplate killing his own mother?

Without revealing his motives, he picks the brains of a multiple murderer (Libby) he’s representing, but is hardly reassured: the prisoner tells him the only killing that ever hit him hard emotionally was the mercy killing of a buddy in Vietnam who’d had his legs blown off and was falling prey to gangrene.

Michael Cornelison as John

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The Twelve Shorts of Christmas #5: The Bloody Fish (2011)

Malaysia / 14 minutes / color with some bw / D1 Productions, Moving Pictures Dir & Scr & Cine: Dick Chua Pr: Aik Sern Ng, Stephen Chong Cast: Ke Feng Lum, Pei Xuan, Jia Yen Wong, Melvin Koh, Shan Fei Lim, Yoke Lan Lee

An odd, enigmatic short made by an alumnus of The One Academy in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: “Malaysia’s Leading Art & Design College.” I suspect that some of the cast were the director’s fellow-students, since I’ve been unable to track down any further appearances by them. I’ve also, since the movie’s credits are skimpy, been unable to ascertain who played which character. Please bear with me as I emit vagueness in all directions.

We see a lovely young woman, Ling, receive a text message from, we assume, her boyfriend inviting her to dinner: he’s created a special new fish recipe he thinks she’ll like.


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