Peekaboo (2014)

Canada / 12 minutes / color with some bw / Dark Room, DarqueAlley, Evangelos Dir & Scr: Spiro K Pr: Spiro K, Angelo Karell, Laquita Lisi Story: “Peekaboo” (1979 in Nightmares ed Charles L. Grant) by Bill Pronzini Cine: Laquita Lisi, Angelo Karell Cast: Spiro K, Alex Georgiadis, Peter Georgiadis, Angelo Karell, Stephanie Kelly, Nick Karoubalis, Jonathan Flynn, Laquita Lisi.

Peekaboo 2014 - 0 opener

A bank robbery went wrong in Boston. The thieves managed to transfer $12 million but, as they escaped, the cops arrived and there was a shootout. Two young boys playing peekaboo nearby, William and Kenneth Reilly (Alex and Peter Georgiadis), were killed in the crossfire, and one of the robbers, Bobby Lee Grant (Karell), now lies in the hospital in a coma. The other, Roper (K), goes on the run, renting a swanky furnished house in Whitehall, NY, where he plans to pass the time writing fiction until the heat dies down. The realtor (Kelly) warns him that the house was built by witches and that earlier tenants have been spooked, but of course he pooh-poohs this.

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