Psychoanalysis (2015)

Australia / 82 minutes / color / Emporium, Windrose, Tee Pot Dir & Scr: James Raue Pr: James Raue, Julia Kelly, Adam Wise Cine: Jay Grant, Kent Marcus, Adric Watson Cast: Benedict Wall, James Raue, Ryan O’Kane, Michael Whalley, Jennie Lee, Alan Flower, Jessica Craig-Piper, Simon London, Joanna Briant, Chelsea Marriott, David Harris.

An Australian indie tragicomedy that for much of its running time is more comedy than tragedy, despite the grimness of its opening premise, but becomes toward its end genuinely quite tragic.

Psychologist Paul Symmonds (Wall) is a rising superstar in the field of suicide prevention, in recognition of which he’s honored at psychological conventions, has landed a chunky book deal and is now to be the subject of a fly-on-the-wall documentary directed by James Raue (Raue). He has devised the Engagement Technique (or Method), whereby the psychotherapist, rather than distancing herself/himself from the patient, reaches out to engage in the patient’s life.

Benedict Wall as Paul

But then five of Paul’s patients kill themselves one after the other in a single week. He’s called up before a panel Continue reading