Night Train to Munich (1940)

vt In Disguise; vt Night Train
UK / 95 minutes / bw / Twentieth Century, MGM Dir: Carol Reed Pr: Edward Black Scr: Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder Story: Gordon Wellesley Cine: Otto Kanturek Cast: Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul von Hernried (i.e., Paul Henreid), Basil Radford, Naunton Wayne, James Harcourt, Felix Aylmer, Wyndham Goldie, Roland Culver, Eliot Makeham, Raymond Huntley, Austin Trevor, Kenneth Kent, C.V. France, Fritz Valk, Morland Graham, Irene Handl.

Set in the days immediately leading up to the declaration of war between the UK and Germany, and made before the full horrors were known of what was going on under the Reich, this movie has an obvious propaganda agenda; yet it’s a fine thriller in its own right, leavened with some well judged humor. With a director like Carol Reed and stars like Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid and of course the Naunton Wayne/Basil Radford combo, one would hardly expect otherwise.


Margaret Lockwood and James Harcourt as Anna and Axel Bomasch.

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Late Edwina Black, The (1952)

vt The Obsessed
UK / 77 minutes / bw / Elvey-Gartside, Romulus, Independent Film Distributors Dir: Maurice Elvey Pr: Ernest Gartside Scr: Charles Frank, David Evans Story: The Late Edwina Black (1950 play) by Wm. Dinner and Wm. Morum (i.e., William Dinnie and William Murum) Cine: Stephen Dade Cast: Geraldine Fitzgerald, David Farrar, Roland Culver, Jean Cadell, Mary Merrall, Harcourt Williams, Charles Heslop, Ronald Adam.

Late Edwina Black - 0 opener

A drama set sometime during, it seems, the Victorian era. Overqualified village schoolmaster (Farrar) has been married to the wealthy but apparently vindictive and domineering heiress Edwina, whose health recently has been declining fast. When she’s found dead one morning by elderly housekeeper Ellen (Cadell), the local doctor Septimus Prendergast (Williams) assumes merely that she has succumbed at last to her chronic heart ailment. At her funeral it’s evident that the general feeling in the village is one of “Good riddance.”

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Teckman Mystery, The (1954)

UK / 88 minutes / bw / Corona, British Lion Dir: Wendy Toye Pr: Josef Somlo Scr: Francis Durbridge, James Matthews Story: Francis Durbridge Cine: Jack Hildyard Cast: Margaret Leighton, John Justin, Meier Tzelniker, Michael Medwin, Roland Culver, George Coulouris, Jane Wenham, Duncan Lamont, Raymond Huntley, Harry Locke, Frances Rowe.

Successful thriller writer Philip Chance (Justin) is called from the South of France by his publisher, Maurice Miller (Huntley), who wants him to write the biography of a young test pilot, Martin Teckman (Medwin), who died during the test flight of an experimental warplane, the Walters–Armitage F109. On the plane to London Philip discovers that the passenger next to him is the dead pilot’s sister Helen (Leighton), and there’s a spark between them.

Teckman Mystery - 1 a chance meeting on the plane

It’s every author’s dream: the stunningly attractive person seated next to you on the plane happens to be reading one of your books . . .

Philip arrives home to find his flat has been ransacked. Unusually, the break-in is investigated not by a couple of beat officers but by a full-blown Scotland Yard inspector, Hilton (Lamont).

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