Casa del Ángel, La (1957)

An adolescent crush leads to disaster!

vt The House of the Angel
Argentina / 73 minutes / bw / Argentina Sono Film SACI Dir: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Scr: Beatriz Guido, Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Martín Rodríguez M. Story: La Casa del Ángel (1954) by Beatriz Guido Cine: Aníbal González Paz Cast: Elsa Daniel, Lautaro Murúa, Berta Ortegosa, Bárbara Mújica, Yordana Fain, Alejandro Rey, Eduardo Naveda, Lili Gacel, Alicia Bellan, Paquita Vehil, Elvira Moreno, Nora Massi, Guillermo Battaglia.

Casa del Angel - 0 opener

An unmarried woman, Ana (Daniel), serves at the table as her father, Dr. Castro (Battaglia), entertains the guest who comes for dinner every Friday evening, Pablo Aguirre (Murúa). There’s a tremendous tension between Ana and Aguirre, and we sense she nurtures a great but unspoken passion for him. We guess wrong, as we discover when she recounts her story of events years ago, when she was but a girl of 14 . . .

Ana was the youngest of the three Castro children Continue reading

I’d Give My Life (1936)

vt The Noose
US / 80 minutes / bw / Astor, Paramount Dir: Edwin L. Marin Pr: Richard A. Rowland Scr: George O’Neil, Ben Ryan Story: The Noose (1926 play) by H.H. Van Loan and Willard Mack Cine: Ira Morgan Cast: Sir Guy Standing, Frances Drake, Tom Brown, Janet Beecher, Robert Gleckler, Helen Lowell, Paul Hurst, Charles C. Wilson, Charles Richman, Tom Jackson, Charles Judels, Robert Elliott.

I'd Give My Life - 0 opener

This movie is a remake of the silent The Noose (1928) dir John Francis Dillon, with Richard Barthelmess (who received an Oscar nomination for his role), Thelma Todd, Montagu Love and Robert E. O’Connor. Both movies were based on the play The Noose (1926), which was of especial significance in that its Broadway director and co-author Willard Mack took a gamble on casting a young chorus girl called Ruby Stevens in the role of romantic lead. Ruby Stevens soon adopted a new professional name: Barbara Stanwyck.

Orphan Nickie Elkins (Brown) and chanteuse Mary Reyburn (Drake), who both work at the niterie Club Gordon, are very much in love; Nickie hopes to be an airline pilot one day and thereby able to keep Mary in the manner she deserves. A chance encounter at an airport introduces him to Stella Bancroft (Beecher), the wife of the state governor, and the two immediately take a liking to each other—he regarding her as a “swell lady” while clearly sparking off the maternal instinct in her.

I'd Give My Life - 1 Nickie & Mary

Nickie (Tom Brown) and Mary (Frances Drake), very much in love.

Meanwhile, recently elected Governor John Bancroft (Standing)—Stella’s husband—has been telling the press that all his pre-election talk of cleaning up the state and ousting the racketeers has not been just so much hot air: he really intends to come through on his promises. The reporters, as they leave, are disconcerted to recognize Buck Gordon (Gleckler), the dirtiest crook in the state, waiting to meet with the Governor. At that meeting, Continue reading