Witness for the Prosecution (1982 TVM)

A very good remake of a classic movie!

UK, US / 102 minutes / color / United Artists Dir: Alan Gibson Pr: Norman Rosemont Scr: John Gay Story: “Traitor’s Hands” (1925 Flynn’s Weekly) and Witness for the Prosecution (1953 play), both by Agatha Christie, and the screenplay for Witness for the Prosecution (1957) by Billy Wilder, Harry Kurnitz and Larry Marcus Cine: Arthur Ibbetson Cast: Ralph Richardson, Deborah Kerr, Beau Bridges, Donald Pleasence, Wendy Hiller, Diana Rigg, David Langton, Richard Vernon, Peter Sallis, Michael Gough, Frank Mills, Michael Nightingale, Peter Copley, Patricia Leslie, Primi Townsend.


Christie’s play has been filmed several times. The most famous adaptation is quite clearly Billy Wilder’s 1957 movie Witness for the Prosection, featuring Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester, Tyron Power and, in what’s effectively an unorthodox version of the femme fatale role, Marlene Dietrich.

Because of the fame of the Wilder adaptation, it’s easy to think it must have been the first. Not so. As far as I can gather, the first movie adaptation was Continue reading

Q Planes (1939)

vt Clouds Over Europe
UK / 81 minutes / bw / Harefield, Columbia Dir: Tim Whelan Pr: Irving Asher Scr: Ian Dalrymple Story: Brock Williams, Jack Whittingham, Arthur Wimperis Cine: Harry Stradling Cast: Laurence Olivier, Valerie Hobson, Ralph Richardson, George Curzon, George Merritt, Gus McNaughton, David Tree, Sandra Storme, Hay Petrie, Frank Fox, George Butler, Gordon McLeod, John Longdon, John Laurie.

Q Planes - 0 opener

Major Charles Hammond (Richardson), of some MI5-like UK intelligence department, seems to be the only person who’s disturbed by a pattern of disappearances of test airplanes in various parts of the world, always while carrying “valuable experimental apparatus.” The UK manufacturer Barrett & Ward has already lost one plane this way; now it’s planning to launch a test flight of a plane carrying a wonderful new device called the Supercharger, which apparently can allow aircraft to go at supersonic speeds . . . well, not supersonic, exactly, but if you doubled them they’d be getting close. The company’s head, Barrett (a superbly cast Merritt)—described at one point as a “parboiled, pudding-minded myopic deadhead”—is furious that Continue reading