Dark Harbor (1998)

US / 87 minutes / color / Hart Sharp, Killer, ACC Dir: Adam Coleman Howard Pr: John N. Hart Jr., Jeffrey Sharp, Justin Lazard Scr: Adam Coleman Howard, Justin Lazard Cine: Walt Lloyd Cast: Alan Rickman, Polly Walker, Norman Reedus, Janet Mecca.

Bickering as they drive through a downpour, late for the ferry to take them to their island vacation home near Dark Harbor, Maine, grumpy lawyer Dave Weinberg (Rickman) and his pretty wife Alexis “Lex” (Walker) find a bruised young drifter (Reedus) lying by the roadside. He refuses to let them call the cops or a doctor.

Dark Harbor

Seduction by mushroom.

Having missed their ferry, the Weinbergs overnight at the port and catch a boat the next morning. Although they don’t know it, so does the drifter. Later, out sailing, the Weinbergs are caught by a mist and are lucky to come to land, on the remote Seal Rock. To their astonishment, the drifter is there before them, with a tale of his own. When the mist clears, the trio sail back to the vacation house. Next day, before the Weinbergs wake up, the drifter prepares a sumptuous breakfast; Dave insists the drifter stay on until the evening so that Dave can return the compliment by cooking a gourmet dinner. In the meantime, though, Dave must go play a round of duty golf with an important client.

All through the day, Alexis and the drifter revel in each other’s company, and one can sense the sexual attraction growing between them—in Alexis’s case, Continue reading