Les Intrigantes (1954)

France / 95 minutes / bw / Memnon, Alliance Générale de Distribution Cinématographique Dir: Henri Decoin Pr: Henri Lavorel Scr: Jacques Robert, Henri Decoin, François Boyer Story: La Machination (1951) by Jacques Robert Cine: Michel Kelber Cast: Raymond Rouleau, Jeanne Moreau, Raymond Pellegrin, Etchika Choureau, Marcel André, Claude Borelli, Jacques Charron (i.e., Jacques Charon), Paul Demange, Louis de Funes, Robert Hirsch, Jean-Louis Le Goff, Jean Olivier, Renée Passeur, Paul Azaïs, Guy Pierrauld, Raoul, Roger Saget, Jean Hébey.

A movie that doesn’t seem to know quite what it wants to be—a lighthearted crime comedy or a darker tale of betrayal and detection—and that thus finds itself oscillating between the two styles.

In Paris, the next production of the Théâtre Paul Rémi is to be a manifestly dire musical, based on Greek myth, called Rendez-Vous sur l’Olympe, directed by Mickaël Pakévitch (Hirsch), who just happens to be romantically involved with one of the production’s stars, Jany Noël (Borelli).

Etchika Choureau as Marie.

A few days before opening night, however, the theater’s angel, Bazine, falls to his death from a high catwalk over the stage, and the obvious suspect is the theater’s co-owner, Paul Rémi (Rouleau), who was up there with him. Paul’s guilt seems even more probable when it’s announced Bazine’s will has bequeathed to him all the deceased’s shares in the enterprise.

Paul’s wife Mona (Moreau) vows to stick with him through thick and thin, and, Continue reading