Highly Dangerous (1950)

UK / 89 minutes / bw / Two Cities, GFD, Rank Dir: Roy Ward Baker Pr: Antony Darnborough Scr: Eric Ambler Cine: Reginald Wyer Cast: Margaret Lockwood, Dane Clark, Bill Casey, Marius Goring, Naunton Wayne, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Eugene Deckers, Olaf Pooley, Gladys Henson, Paul Hardtmuth, Michael Hordern, Eric Pohlmann, Joan Haythorne, Anton Diffring, Anthony Newley, Ewen Solon, Michael Rittermann, Lance Secretan.

Highly Dangerous - closer

Entomologist Frances Gray (Lockwood) is asked by her boss Rawlins (Hordern) and Mr. Hedgerley (Wayne) from the Secretariat of the Imperial General Staff if she could go to an obscure Iron Curtain country to investigate the possibility that a scientist called Kassen has succeeded in breeding insecticide-resistant fruitflies that could be used as vectors for germ warfare against the West.

Highly Dangerous - 1 Mr Hedgerley recruits

Mr Hedgerley (Naunton Wayne), Frances’s recruiter.

She refuses point-blank: she’s just about to go on her hols to Torquay. Hedgerley hitches a lift from her to the station, and en route she plays the night episode of the radio serial Frank Conway, Secret Agent. It is her duty to do so nightly, so that she can tell the story to Continue reading

Penny and the Pownall Case (1948)

UK / 47 minutes / bw / Highbury, GFD Dir: Slim Hand Pr: John Croydon Scr: W.E.C. Fairchild Cine: Walter Harvey Cast: Ralph Michael, Peggy Evans, Christopher Lee, Diana Dors, Frederick Piper, Olaf Pooley, Ethel Coleridge, Sam Costa, Dennis Vance, Shaun Noble, John Lorrell, Philip Saville, Peter Madren, Duncan Carse.

Penny & Pownall Case - 0 opener

Scotland Yard investigator Henry Pownall (Noble), on returning to the UK from the Continent with information on Gateway to Freedom, an organization dedicated to helping Nazi war criminals escape justice, is murdered en route from the airport to the Yard. In charge of the Gateway to Freedom investigation, and thus now of the murder case, is Detective Inspector Michael Carson (Michael), whose secretary Molly James (an almost unrecognizable Dors) shares a flat with Penny Justin (Evans), the model for the daily newspaper comic strip Penny, drawn by artist Jonathan Blair (Lee). The aim of the strip, as Penny explains to Blair’s cleaning lady, Mrs. Hodgson (Coleridge), is to show her always in danger of becoming naked, so that readers daren’t skip an episode in case they miss something.

Penny & Pownall Case - 1 Molly & her boss Supt Carson

Molly James (Diana Dors) and her boss Superintendent Michael Carson (Ralph Michael).

Penny has been rebuffing Blair’s suggestion that they go to Spain together next Friday for a couple of weeks, ostensibly to Continue reading