Drugoe Litso (2008 TVM)

vt Another Face
Russia / 93 minutes / color, with some sepia & white / Mostelefilm, Star Media Dir: Igor Shternberg  Pr: Aleksandr Razarionov, Valentin Opaliov, Vlad Riashin Scr: Yelena Gustova Cine: Yan Voronovskiy Cast: Aleksandra Afanasyeva-Shevchuk, Ilya Liubimov, Dmitri Volkov, Elena Ruchkina, Igor Kirillov, Oleg Shklovsky, Rasmi Dzhabrailov, Natalia Pavlenkova, Nikita Prozorovsky, Victor Sternberg.

The face of lab assistant Vera Grishchenko (Afanasyeva-Shevchuk) is hideously injured when a chemical experiment goes explosively awry. She and husband Pasha (Volkov) have no idea where they can find the money for plastic surgery until her kindly hospital doctor (Prozorovsky) tells her that famous cosmetic surgeon Maksim Pereslavsky (Liubimov) has noticed her plight and reckons she’d be the ideal candidate for a new technique he’s devised—and, since she’d be an experimental subject, there’d be no cost. Naturally she and Pasha agree like a shot.

After the surgery, when the bandages come off, Vera discovers her new face is nothing like her old. It is, however, very beautiful, so she reckons she’ll adapt to it in time.

Aleksandra Afanasyeva-Shevchuk as Vera — soon after the bandages come off

Vera, before

What she hasn’t expected is that Pasha will be the one who has difficulty adapting to the “new” Vera. He does try, at one point telling her that, now she’s lost her job, they should start a family—”You’ll have a baby girl looking exactly like you . . . er, I’m sorry”—but he has difficulty showing her affection and in finding any enthusiasm for sex: he loves and wants to make love to the Vera he married, not this beautiful “stranger.” Continue reading