The Road from Erebus (2000 TVM)

US / 97 minutes / color / Short End, Silverline Dir & Pr & Scr: David Sporn Cine: Ben Wolf Cast: Brenda Price, D. James Reynolds, Morton Hall Millen, Paige Balitski, Jeff Paul, Bob Brown, Lesley Morris, Keith Miller, Robert Pemberton, Evan Lai, Christine Murray, Keely Barr.

According to Wikipedia, “In Greek mythology, Erebus . . . was often conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness.” There’s obviously symbolism going on here, because the only appearance of the word in this movie (aside from the title) is in the name of the street in New York City where the villain lives, Erebus Street. Yet the plot as a whole could be seen as tracing the protagonist’s escape from “the personification of darkness”—or at least from darkness.

D. James Reynolds as Barry.

Books editor Barry Atman (Reynolds) picks up advertising exec Helen (Price) in a restaurant and has the night of his dreams with her. But in the morning she flees from his apartment, apparently in terror. Trying to track her down, he encounters sculptress Roxanne Continue reading