Twelve Shorts for the Shortest Month #11: Glove Compartment (2015)

UK / 13 minutes / color, opening sequence in bw / Major Zeus, Zoetic Films Dir & Scr: Dan Allen Pr: Dan Allen, Charlotte Rose Palmer, Jamie Weston Cine: Tom Allen Cast: Jon Campling, Andrew Coppin, Libby Braidwood, Louise Ann Munro, Nik Kempsey

Two hitmen, who go under the noms de guerre Frankie (Campling) and Jacob (Coppin), have been contracted to kill Mr. Peterson (Kempsey) and Mrs. Peterson (Munro).

Jacob, the younger of the two killers, does the deed, but spares the Petersons’ cute little daughter Abigail (Braidwood), bringing her with him from the death scene.

Frankie’s appalled: their contract was for no survivors. But Jacob prevails, persuading the older man that, Continue reading