Tendre Poulet (1977)

vt Dear Inspector; vt Dear Detective
France / 106 minutes / color / Ariane, Mondex, GEF–CCFC Dir: Philippe de Broca Pr: Alexandre Mnouchkine, Georges Dancigers, Robert Amon Scr: Philippe de Broca, Michel Audiard Story: Le Commissaire Tanquerelle et le Frelon (1976) by Jean-Paul Rouland and Claude Olivier Cine: Jean-Paul Schwartz Cast: Annie Girardot, Philippe Noiret, Catherine Alric, Hubert Deschamps, Paulette Dubost, Roger Dumas, Raymond Gérôme, Guy Marchand, Simone Renant, Georges Wilson, Henri Czarniak, Maurice Illouz, Georges Riquier, Armelle Pourriche, Francis Lemaire, Guy Antoni, Guy Di Rigo, Jacqueline Doyen

For some reason I had it in mind this was a far more noirish movie than it proved to be; I must have been getting it confused in decades-ago memory with something a bit dourer, like Pierre Granier-Deferre’s ADIEU POULET (1975; vt The French Detective) or even Claude Chabrol’s POULET AU VINAIGRE (1984; vt Cop au Vin). However, on what was effectively a first-time watch I fell completely in love with the piece, and thus persuaded myself it deserved a place here. Even though it’s essentially a romantic farce in police-procedural guise, there are four murders, one of which is shown in moderately grim detail, so it does kinda sorta hook into the French school of noir.


Well, that’s my justification, anyway.

Lise Tanquerelle (Girardot) is a senior police detective and divorced mother in Paris. One day, hurrying home in the car for the birthday party of her little daughter Catherine (Pourriche), she knocks Professor Antoine Lemercier (Noiret) off his moped. After she’s Continue reading

snapshot: Innocent Husbands (1925)

US / 25 minutes / bw silent / Hal Roach Studios, Pathé Exchange Dir: Leo McCarey Pr: Hal Roach Cine: Len Powers Cast: Charley Chase, Katherine Grant, Jane Sherman, Lucien Littlefield, Jimmie Finlayson, William Gillespie, Kay de Lys, Philip Sleeman, Martha Sleeper.

A delightful Hal Roach comedy that somehow got itself onto my list of items to view for this site.

Mame (Grant) constantly suspects her husband Melvin (Chase) of being unfaithful to her, even though he’s completely innocent—well, of infidelity at least.

Katherine Grant as Mame (right) and Jane Sherman as Mame’s best friend.

One day her best friend (Sherman) persuades the suspicious wife they should go along to a séance to see if the spirits can inform Mame of the truth about her supposedly erring spouse. After a while the two women persuade the medium (Sleeman) to Continue reading