Hokori Takaki Chosen (1962)

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Japan / 89 minutes / bw / Toei Dir: Kinji Fukasaku Scr: Susumu Saji Cine: Ichirô Hoshijima Cast: Kôji Tsuruta, Tatsuo Umemiya, Mayumi Ozora, Hitomi Nakahara, Yuko Kuzunoki, Eitarô Ozawa, Tetsurô Tanba.

A first-rate piece of Japanese film noir that’s become unaccountably obscure. I’ve been able to find very little documentation of it online outside IMDB (whose page on the movie is very incomplete and has errors), TV Multiversity (which doesn’t have much) and some sites in Japanese (which language I don’t read, although GoogleTranslate has been helpful). So a lot of the information here, notably in terms of casting, is pretty goddam tentative, based on viewing the movie itself and a heck of a lot of image searching on Bing. That goes for the screengrab captions too.

Kôji Tsuruta as Kuroki.

Investigative journalist Kuroki (Tsuruta) today works for the minor newspaper Tekko Shinpo, but back in the day he was a hotshot at the far more prestigious Maicho. That was before he was fired ten years ago for refusing to give up on his stories about the murder of a young woman called Continue reading