Wild Ones on Wheels (1962)

Wild like broccoli is, like, wild, man!

US / 83 minutes / bw / Charles Bros., Emerson Dir & Pr: Rudolph Cusumano Scr: Eugene Pollock, Joseph Thomas Cine: Ray Dennis Steckler Cast: Francine York, Edmund Tontini, Robert Blair, Jonathon Karle (i.e., Jonathan Karle), Diana George, Sydney L. Mason, Mike Cannon (i.e., Mike Kannon), Joseph Thomas, Ray Dennis Steckler, Louise Norris.

Wild Ones on Wheels - 0 opener

Duke Walker (Mason) has been in the pen for 12 years for his part in a truck heist that netted $240,000. The money has never been recovered, and the word is that Duke’s the only one who knows where it’s hidden.

Wild Ones on Wheels - 2 Hazel's brother Tom

Hazel’s brother Don (Joseph Thomas) — can he be trusted?

Duke’s very much younger wife Hazel (York) has waited for him all these years, working with her crippled brother Don (Thomas, who also co-scripted) in his diner. Just these past few months, however, she’s been canoodling with their lodger, Bill James (Blair). This may be why it has seemingly never occurred to her that it might be kind to do the ordinary thing and go pick Duke up at the prison gate; instead, they simply wait for him to arrive under his own steam. Since the diner’s on the edge of the Mojave Desert but otherwise in the middle of nowhere, he has to get there by hitchhiking.

Wild Ones on Wheels - 1 Hazel and Bill get friendly

Hazel (Francine York) and Bill (Robert Blair) get friendly.

If Hazel and Don seem lukewarm about the release of Duke, others are eagerly anticipating it. For a couple of years of his involuntary vacation Duke shared a cell with a crook by the name of Continue reading