Tokyo After Dark (1959)

US / 81 minutes / bw / Nacirema, Paramount Dir: Norman T. Herman Pr & Scr: Norman T. Herman, Marvin Segal Cine: William Margulies Cast: Michi Kobi, Richard Long, Lawrence Dobkin, Paul Dubov, Teru Shimada, Robert Okazaki, Carlyle Mitchell, Frank Kumagai, John Brinkley, Edo Mita, Lowell Brown, Don Keigo Takeuchi, Jerry Adler, Mazaji Yamamoto.

Tokyo After Dark - 0 opener

Sergeant Robert “Bob” Douglas (Long), a somewhat overzealous American MP, is nearing the end of his tour of duty in Tokyo and plans, on his return to the US, to take with him his fiancée, chanteuse Sumi Fujita (Kobi). One night he comes across a pair of Japanese teenagers and, stupidly, draws his gun. The next he knows is that, in his tussle with one of the kids, he has accidentally pulled the trigger and killed the other.

Tokyo After Dark - 2 Bob realizes what he's done

Bob (Richard Long) faces the hideous realization of what he’s done.

Tokyo After Dark - 1 Sumi sings at the Ginza Sukiyaki

Sumi (Michi Kobi), singing at the Ginza Sukiyaki.

His kindly superior officer, Major J. Bradley (Dobkin), believes Bob’s explanation that the death was an accident and at first assumes the whole affair can be Continue reading

Public Eye, The (1992)

US / 98 minutes / color with some bw / Zemeckis, Universal Dir & Scr: Howard Franklin Pr: Sue Baden-Powell Cine: Peter Suschitzky Cast: Joe Pesci, Barbara Hershey, Stanley Tucci, Jerry Adler, Jared Harris, Gerry Becker, Dominic Chianese, Del Close, Richard Foronjy, Tim Gamble, Richard Riehle, David Gianopoulos, Patricia Healy, David Hull.

In 1943 or 1944, NYC freelance news photographer Leon “Bernsie” Bernstein (Pesci), aka The Great Bernzini, seems to have a near-prescient ability to arrive at the scene of mob hits before the cops can get there. In fact, he has a good relationship with many of the cops because often he’s the one who phones in the crime before they otherwise learn of it. He also has an uneasy relationship with many of the city’s crime bosses; at the very least, they know he’ll take a better picture of him than anyone else will.

Public Eye - Bernsie at work

Bernsie (Joe Pesci) at work.

One night he’s called in by the owner of the swanky nightclub Café Society, Kay Levitz (Hershey). She inherited the club not so long ago from her older husband Lou; a man called Emilio Portifino (Gianopoulos) has turned up claiming that Lou had entered into a partnership, so that now he’s a co-owner of the business with Kay. Kay claims that Bernsie was one of the few people Lou trusted, and that Lou frequently told her Bernsie knew everyone in the city. Could Bernsie find out, she asks, who Portifino is and where he comes from? Smitten, Bernsie agrees.

But before Bernsie can investigate very far he finds Continue reading