Banker, The (1989)

US / 92 minutes / color / Westwind Dir & Pr: William Webb Scr: Dana Augustine Story: William Webb, Richard Brandes, Dana Augustine Cine: John Huneck Cast: Robert Forster, Duncan Regehr, Shanna Reed, Jeff Conaway, Leif Garrett, Richard Roundtree, Juan García, Michael Fairman, Deborah Richter, Teri Weigel, Dan Leegant, E.J. Peaker, Leigh Wood, Richard Harding Gardner.

The Banker - 1 Osbourne () in killing mode

Osbourne (Duncan Regehr) displays his own variety of après sex.

Powerful, near-infinitely rich international financier Spaulding Osbourne (Regehr), his head filled with craziness about blood gods after having immersed himself in South American culture and indeed for some years in the South American jungle, has a new hobby: hiring expensive callgirls, having sex with them, shooting them with his laser-guided crossbow, and then slicing them up. He’s fed the girls by the pimp Fowler (Garrett), abetted by the pimp and deviant Continue reading