Web of Lies (2012)

US / 10 minutes / bw / Kathryn Gould Dir & Pr: Kathryn Gould, Nelson Goforth Scr: Kathryn Gould Cine: Nelson Goforth Cast: Kathryn Gould, Jason Coviello, Nelson Goforth, Joey DiPentino, Henry Rowland

Web of Lies 2012 - 0 opener

It’s Chicago, 1946, and the headliner chanteuse at Eddie’s Place is Eleanor Dale (Gould), who’s also Eddie’s moll. One night, just before she goes on, Eddie’s sidekick Joe (Coviello) comes to her dressing room to try to persuade her to flee immediately. He’s heard Eddie planning to have her blown away the moment she steps on stage. But Eleanor refuses to listen

Eleanor: “It’s a test, Joe, and if I don’t go on tonight you fail. You think Eddie hasn’t noticed the way you look at me?”
Joe: “What way is that?”
Eleanor: “Like you’ve been walking around in the desert for weeks and . . . I’m a tall drink of water.”
Joe: “You’re a tall drink o’ sumpin’, that’s for sure.”

Just as she leaves to go on stage, Joe is Continue reading