Insurance Investigator (1951)

US / 60 minutes / bw / Republic Dir: George Blair Assoc Pr: William Lackey Scr: Gertrude Walker Story: Beth Brown, Gertrude Walker Cine: John MacBurnie Cast: Richard Denning, Audrey Long, John Eldredge, Hillary Brooke, Reed Hadley, Jonathan Hale, Roy Barcroft, Wilson Wood, William Tannen, Phillip Pine, Crane Whitley, Ruth Lee, Patricia Knox, M’liss McClure, Maurice Samuels, Roy Gordon.

Shortly after taking out a double indemnity policy with the Cosmopolitan Insurance Co., realtor George Sullivan (Gordon) takes a drunken stumble down the office stairs and dies. His daughter Nancy (Long) finds it hard to believe her normally abstemious pop could have gotten hammered, and the insurance company has skepticism of its own.

Posing, with Nancy’s permission, as Nancy’s cornpoke cousin, hotshot insurance investigator Tom Davison (Denning) arrives on the scene to sus things out, unearthing a plot that involves Sullivan’s surviving junior partner John Hammond (Eldredge), Adeline “Addie” Wilson (Brooke)—the company accountant and, secretly, Hammond’s main squeeze—and gambling kingpin Charles K. “Chuck” Malone (Hadley), to whose establishment, the Nighthawk, Hammond owes more than a single oodle.

Audrey Long as Nancy.

Addie plays at making a play at Tom in order to distract him, a cunning scheme that Continue reading