Angel of Death (2009)

vt Ed Brubaker’s Angel of Death
US / 75 minutes / color / White Rock Lake Dir: Paul Etheredge Pr: John Norris, Paul Etheredge Scr: Ed Brubaker Cine: Carl Herse Cast: Zoë Bell, Jake Abel, Vail Bloom, Justin Huen, Doug Jones, Lucy Lawless, Brian Poth, John Serge, Ingrid Rogers, Pat Asanti, Ted Raimi, Kaela Crawford.

Ed Brubaker, who devised and wrote this slice of hyperviolent borderline noir—I’d be tempted to call it grindhouse but it seems too highly polished for that—is one of the giants of the comix/graphic novels world, a multiple Eisner Award winner. All of which meant I, um, had to look him up in Wikipedia. (I’ve heard of Eisner, though, and actually met him briefly at a con years ago. I diligently made sure the conversation didn’t stray into the realm of comix because, er . . .)

Zoë Bell as Eve.

Anyway, Eve (Bell) is a highly prolific, highly regarded hitwoman, working in LA under the auspices of her agent and lover Graham Prescott (Poth). Her latest hit gets out of control, and part of the collateral damage is the victim’s 14-year-old daughter, Marie Anderton (Crawford). Moreover, during the shambles Eve herself is stabbed in the brain.

Doug Jones as Dr. Rankin.

Friendly junkie physician Dr. Rankin (Jones) extracts the knife and tells her that, if she’s survived this long, she Continue reading