Salvare la Faccia (1969)

She looked like an angel . . . an angel of death!

vt Psychout for Murder
Italy, Argentina / 88 minutes / color / Chiara, Banco, Glori Dir & Story: Edward Ross (i.e., Rossano Brazzi) Pr & Idea: Oscar Brazzi Scr: Biagio Proietti, Diana Crispo Cine: Luciano Trasatti Cast: Adrienne La Russa, Nino Castelnuovo, Alberto de Mendoza, Idelma Carlo, Renzo Petretto, Nestor Garay, Rossano Brazzi, Paola Pitagora, Marcello Bonini Olas, Nerio Bernardi.

Salvare la Faccia - 0 opener

The literal meaning of this movie’s title is “To Save Face” rather than the more sensationalistic US release title Psychout for Murder, and it actually gives a far better idea of a movie that’s less a giallo (almost no nudity, no gore to speak of, plot makes sense) than a psychological thriller cum social satire.

Angel-faced Licia (La Russa) is persuaded by her seedy art-photographer boyfriend Mario (Castelnuovo) to have sex with him in a bordello, just to spice things up a bit. In fact it’s a setup: the police raid the joint and Mario gets photos he can use to blackmail 20 million lira out of Licia’s father, industrialist Marco Brignoli (Brazzi).

Salvare la Faccia - 1 Mario & Licia caught escaping the bordello

Mario (Nino Castelnuovo) and Licia (Adrienne La Russa) caught by press photographers as they flee the bordello . . . or is it a setup?

Salvare la Faccia - 2 Licia realizes Mario's treachery

Licia (Adrienne La Russa) soon realizes Mario’s treachery.

Desperate to avoid the glare of publicity in case it casts its light also on some of Brignoli’s corrupt business deals involving a stuffed-shirt local politician (Garay), Brignoli decides the best thing is to claim that Licia has had Continue reading