Irreversi (2010)

Hong Kong / 87 minutes / color / Bigfoot Entertainment Dir: Michael Gleissner Pr: Kacy Andrews, Lisa Schahet Scr: Michael Gleissner, Scott Kurtilla, Mark Jacyszyn, Andrew Lacrosse Cine: Jack Messitt Cast: Ian Bohen, Mei Melançon, Kenny Doughty, Estella Warren, Ken Arden (i.e., Michael Gleissner), Caroline Carver, Howard Cheung, Jo Wee

Director Michael Gleissner shot two versions side-by-side of this domestic noir/psychological thriller. One was the Mandarin-language Hui Lu (2007) and the other, using the same locations but a completely different cast, was the English-language Irreversi, whose release for some reason came three years later, in 2010. Although the movie is a product of Hong Kong, it’s far more in the spirit of Hollywood—or even, looked at another way, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding!—than of traditional HK crime movies.

At some point I’d like to see Hui Lu; in the meantime there’s a trailer for it here.

Mei Melançon as Lynda

Some little while ago, inventor John Wee (Cheung), a keen skydiver, died in a tragic accident when his chute failed to open. His sister, music star Lynda Wee (Melançon), is finally Continue reading