Lover’s Leap (2015)

A lonesome PI, a femme fatale . . . and a great backing track!

US / 7 minutes / color / DC Dogs Dir & Scr: Jonathan Zuck Pr: Jennifer Osborn Cine: Fernando Ortega Cast: Michael Mack, Seregon O’Dassey, Ted Onulak, Sun King Davis, Dave Coyne, Jose Guzman, Exit 10.

Lover's Leap - 0 opener

The preamble to this short movie delivers us a voiceover and visuals which tell us unequivocally that we’re in noir territory:

“How did I end up here? I used to be a cop, then I wasn’t a cop any more. But I wasn’t a killer, either. It was a dame. It’s always about a dame.”

The speaker is standing on the rail of a high bridge, looking down at the trains passing to and fro beneath. Clearly he’s readying himself to jump.

Lover's Leap - 2 PI looks up as client arrives

The PI (Michael Mack).

We then flash back to the day that a femme fatale (O’Dassey) came to visit our PI narrator (Mack) in his office. She offers him a stack of cash for a job that he refuses to do; there’s no dialogue, but later in the movie we can guess what that job was and why he refused to do it.

For cash, anyway.

He follows her to Continue reading