Criminal Passion (1994 DTV)

US / 97 minutes / color / Planet, DreamLogic, Trimark Dir: Donna Deitch Pr: Donald P. Borchers Scr: Max Strom, John Allen Nelson Cine: Joey Forsyte Cast: Joan Severance, Anthony John Denison, John Allen Nelson, David Labiosa, Wolfgang Bodison, Shannon Wilcox, Henry Darrow, Rachel Ticotin, Janet MacLachlan, Millie Slavin, Lynda Merritt, Kurt Bryant, Luana Anders, Sammy Shore, Shannon McLeod, Lou Felder.

“My friends call me crazy. I say I’m curious, curious to know what goes on in the dark in those places where most people would rather not go.”

So says Detective Melanie Hudson (Severance) in an interesting little movie that settles somewhere halfway between an erotic thriller and a neonoir; clearly it was intended to be, and probably was marketed as, the former, but the erotic element is surprisingly downplayed and the focus is on a quite neatly done mystery plot, with some pleasingly expert misdirection. I’ve seen more skin and sex in many a mainstream flick than there is here.

Rachel Ticotin as Tracy.

Melanie’s a cop with the LAPD, and a self-confessed oddball: she has definite trust issues, and admits that she’s at heart really a psycho killer even though she’s on the side of good and doesn’t kill people. She’s evidently had a relationship with Continue reading