Hat, Coat, and Glove (1934)

US / 65 minutes / bw / RKO Radio Pictures Dir: Worthington Miner Exec Pr: Pandro S. Berman Scr: Francis Faragoh Story: Ein Mantel, ein Hut, ein Handschuh (1933 play) by Wilhelm Speyer Cine: J. Roy Hunt Cast: Ricardo Cortez, Barbara Robbins, John Beal, Dorothy Burgess, Paul Harvey, Sara Haden, Margaret Hamilton, David Durand, Murray Kinnell, Frederick Sullivan, Gayle Evers, Samuel S. Hinds.

Hotshot NYC lawyer Robert Mitchell (Cortez) and his wife Dorothea (Robbins) have agreed to a trial separation, even though he loves her more than ever. She, on the other hand, has taken up with a boytoy (“Oh, nobody has the right to be as young as you are!” she tells him in a moment of unconscious honesty) in the shape of struggling Greenwich Village artist Jerry Hutchins (Beal), who, unlike other struggling Greenwich Village artists, appears always immaculately besuited, betied and begloved.

Ricardo Cortez as Robert Mitchell.

One night Jerry’s old girlfriend Ann Brewster (Burgess) invades his studio and tries to persuade him to Continue reading