Julius Sizzer (1931)

US / 18 minutes / bw / RKO Pathé Dir: Edward I. Luddy (i.e., Edward Ludwig) Pr: Lew Lipton Scr: Benny Rubin, Edward I. Luddy (i.e., Edward Ludwig) Cine: Harry Forbes Cast: Benny Rubin, Gwen Lee, Lena Malena, Mathew Betz, Maurice Black, Pat Collins (i.e., G. Pat Collins), Tom McGuire, Clifford Dempsey.

Julius Sizzer - 0 opener

A parody of the Melvyn LeRoy-directed, Edward G. Robinson- and Douglas Fairbanks Jr-starring LITTLE CAESAR (1931), this offers Continue reading

Intruder, The (1933)

vt Horror in the Night
US / 54 minutes / bw / Allied Pictures Dir: Albert Ray Pr: M.H. Hoffman Scr: Frances Hyland Cine: Harry Neumann, Tom Galligan Cast: Monte Blue, Lila Lee, William B. Davidson, Gwen Lee, Arthur Housman, Sidney Bracy, Mischa Auer, Harry Cording, Wilfred Lucas, Lynton Brent, John Beck, Allan Cavan.

The Intruder (1933) - 0 opener

Belonging to a grade that requires an extension of the alphabet beyond the letter Z—arguably quite far beyond—this can’t seem to decide which horse to back: should it be a murder mystery or a castaways-on-a-jungle-island Tarzan riff? It ends up being a bit of both but, alas, not very much of either.

The ship the Intruder is weathering heavy seas when it’s reported to Captain Rush (Cavan) that there’s been a terrible murder. He rushes to the scene and finds that the dead man is being guarded by Detective-Lieutenant Samson (Davidson) of the San Francisco PD. The corpse was a jewel thief named Gardiner, and Samson has been on his trail—and that of a trove of diamonds he stole—for months. He instructs a ship’s officer to Continue reading

Alias Mary Smith (1932)

US / 58 minutes / bw / Hoffberg
Dir: E. Mason Hopper
Pr: Ralph M. Like
Edward T. Lowe
Jules Cronjager
Blanche Mahaffey, John Darrow, Raymond Hatton, Edmund Breese, Myrtle Stedman, Gwen Lee, Henry B. Walthall, Alec B. Francis, Matthew Betz, Jack Grey, Ben Hall, Harry Strang.

Alias Mary Smith - 2 John Darrow gives very much his usual performance

John Darrow gives very much his usual performance as the cut-price romantic lead.

As Mary Smith (Mahaffey) comes out of Gene Morgan’s Club Pyramid one night, a hoodlum snatches her purse. Inebriated playboy Robert “Buddy” Hayes (Darrow), climbing from his car nearby, is able to catch the thief and bring him to the ground. After they’ve given evidence to the cops, Buddy takes her out to dinner and, the next time we see him, next morning, is sporting the black eye she gave him when he sprouted hands.

Alias Mary Smith - 1 Kearney interviews the dead man's butler (uncredited)

Kearney (Jack Grey) interviews the dead man’s butler (uncredited).

The morning papers are full of the murder of Continue reading