The Stolen (2017)

New Zealand, UK / 98 minutes / color / Cork, MiriquidiFilm, Red Rock, Head Gear, Metrol, Kreo, The Exchange, Ascendant Dir: Niall Johnson Pr & Story: Emily Corcoran Scr: Emily Corcoran, Niall Johnson Cine: Alun Bollinger Cast: Alice Eve, Jack Davenport, Graham McTavish, Stan Walker, Cohen Holloway, Stig Eldred, Emily Corcoran, Gillian MacGregor, Mikaela Ruegg, Richard O’Brien, Lukas Hinch, William Petty, Ella Hope-Higginson, Stephen Lefebvre, Mark Chan, Janice Gray.

It’s 1882. Englishwoman Charlotte Lockton (Eve) and her husband David (Hinch) have come to New Zealand’s South Island to make a new life for themselves. But then burglars break into the Locktons’ bedroom and, encountering resistance from David, shoot him dead and escape with the Locktons’ newborn son Arthur (played by various babies).

Alice Eve as Charlotte and Lukas Hinch as David.

Months pass and the cops lose interest. But then Charlotte gets a clue that Continue reading